Monthly Archive: July 2013

My Thoughts on Feline Evolution

If you take a look at the diagram showing the profile evolution from monkey to man, you can speculate how this would work on felines. The amount of time it took for us to evolve will probably be the same amount for cats. Because cats tend to display high intelligence and domestication due to our efforts, they are likely to evolve, how soon, I don’t know, but soon. Not in our lifetime though. However, in order to ensure we get the right results, we’d need to close the gap on cat and ape DNA. After that, they can start evolving while we keep a close watch.

I’ve realized that it is the evolution that matters in achieving our goal. The werecat’s morphology seems to be similar to a regular ape. Wild cats are likely to take a while longer to evolve than domesticated. I wonder what would happen if a cat was exposed to radioactive chemicals.

As an off-topic side note, I wonder what our next step in evolution will be. Homo Divinicus. Awareness.