Escape Games As A Team Building Exercise

avIf you are someone who loves puzzles and enjoys working as a team and also working under pressurized environments, escape games are the best bets. Even if you don’t like these, it is still fun to participate in these games and challenge yourself to solve the puzzles and get out of a locked room. The concept might sound somewhat old. i.e. you pay a small amount to lock you up in a room and then try and solve puzzles, riddles or challenges to get out of the room. These were popular in Europe initially, but now they are cropping up all over the United States. There are many escape rooms in Los Angeles that have the same concept. Escape games also serve as a great to way to practice team building. In the corporate environment, teamwork plays a major role. These games are one of the best methods for teaching the importance of teamwork says

The escape games are similar to playing them on the phone like The Room and Forever Lost. In these games, your character gets trapped inside a room and you need to look for clues to solve puzzles and get out of the room. Whereas in the escape room, you get trapped for real. Sometimes, there might be boxes that require a key or passcode for opening it. All you have to do is look out for clues that are present in the room and figure out how to solve it. Some objects or passcodes might be hidden as well. You need to look out well to be able to find all the clues and solve the puzzles. Some places have simple games and some of them have complex and also horror theme based ones or any other mysterious concepts that the player has to solve to progress from one stage to another.

You not only have fun while playing the game, but the rush you feel whenever you escape from a room can be so rewarding. Sometimes you might be working together with a team. Therefore, the feeling of being able to accomplish something makes you feel great. Such games are great sources for team building exercise. They also offer observations about the performance of the group. It also provides an opportunity to discuss where they did well and what went wrong during their performance.

Here are some tips if you are planning to enjoy the escape games sometimes. One of the first and foremost thing you must remember is to wear comfortable clothes. During the course of the game, you might be crawling under narrow spaces and sitting or looking for something on the ground. It is important to communicate with each other what you are doing and if you have found a clue, notify the other members of the team so that they can help you to solve it. While some escape games allow you to bring your own team in, some pair up with strangers. Therefore, it is important that all of you communicate well to solve the puzzles soon.

This will test your ability to listen, thinking clearly under pressure and how you are able to work as a team.

Six Tips For Practicing Yoga Daily

457354385_079b7db57eYoga is the best method to stay healthy and happy in your life. You can practice yoga daily at your home to increase your productivity, to remain healthy and calm. Practicing yoga regularly at home not only gives you benefit but also keeps your family members happy. Initially, you must practice yoga from the best yoga center and once you learned everything, you can practice daily at home.

Many people start practicing yoga and claim that Yoga Burn extra calories and remains you fit and healthy. You can follow the below tips when you practice yoga at your home.

The first tip you want to follow is you must prefer convenient time to do yoga. The best time recommended by experts for practicing yoga is the early morning since your energy level will be high in the morning time. If you are not comfortable in the morning time, then you don’t ignore yoga. You can choose any other time comfortable to you. You can do late morning, evening slot or before lunch. Doing yoga is these times are the best way to refresh your mind and eliminates the stress accumulated in the day time.

The next thing is you must find a comfortable place at your home to perform yoga. It is a good idea to choose a small, private room in your home for daily practice. As days passed by, your yoga practice will make positive vibrations in your home, gives strength, comfort and healing to you and other family members at your home. If you could not choose a private room, you can even select a quiet space at your home where you will not be disturbed by anyone. The place you practice yoga should be clean, ventilated and away from sharp objects and furniture.

It is good to do yoga on an empty or light stomach. Even you can do yoga and meditation after two to three hours of your meal. When practicing yoga, loose and simple clothing is suggested. Wearing tight outfits gives you discomfort when making the wide stretches. It is also good to ignore heavy makeup and also excessive jewelry.

You must have the practice of warm up before doing intense postures. You can begin by few warm up poses and also few stretches to give flexibility to your body before doing intense yoga postures. You must respect your body and practice yoga daily with smiling face. You should not do it very fast or do it in a way more than what your body can actually do ill not yield positive results. These types of practice will produce you only pain.

You must do yoga practice regularly. It should be part or your everyday schedule and as days passed by, it can be your habit. The experts say that doing twenty minutes of yoga daily can bring better results than practicing two hours of yoga occasionally. It is always good to practice yoga along with your family members since you might feel boredom do it alone.

The Art Of Conducting Charity Auctions


If you want to raise funds for a cause, then a fundraising auction could be a right choice. Fundraising auctions could be conducted in different forms and can be easily clubbed with other forms of fundraising events. Fundraising can be categorized into two types – online and offline. First, you need to find out the things that you want to auction. Traditionally, supporters for the cause offer things. In many cases, the business owners offer products as a part of marketing strategy.

The only way to acquires goods for auctioning is asking the supporters and well wishers. You should ask as many people, whom you know. You can also approach companies to receive the goods. These days, many people are willing to offers goods for fundraising auctions for different reasons. In addition to goods, you can also auction skills, experiences and services.

In traditional auctions, the price of the goods starts at very low price and may get increased when the bidders quote a higher price. The person, who bids the highest price wins the auction and receive the good. For conducting a successful traditional auction, a good auctioneer is very essential. Charismatic auctioneers could keep the fundraising auction more engaging.

You can also conduct an auction at the event for extra fun and excitement. For example, you can auction a cake that was prepared for a baking competition. Dutch action is a kind of traditional auction. In this type of auction, the price of goods start at a high price and lowers gradually through the course of the auction. The person, who made the first bids win this auction.

A silent auction is a type of auction, where the bidders make their bid silently. Here the bidders mention the price in the sealed covers and there is no shouting involved. Auction of promises is a type of auction, where the people can win promise. For example, some of the promises that bidders can receive are car washing, guitar lessons, computer help, gardening, etc. The list is almost endless as people could win different types of promises.

Online charity auctions have become more popular these days due to the convenience it offers. The online fundraising auctions are highly effective in many senses. First, an online auction could be attended by people from different locations. The bidders can take part in the online auction right from their home or at their office.

Conducting an online auction is less expensive and can break the geographical barriers. The online auction can easily attract more bidders. In order to conduct an online auction, you should own a website. You can also make use of online charity auction companies to auction your products. These companies list your products on their website and help you auctioned them quickly as possible. You will be paying small commissions to the companies upon every successful auction.

Nowadays, the Internet offers lots of avenues for charity auctions. There are websites to list various charity auctions. Auctions are great to raise fund for any cause. However, conducting an auction is not so easy. The success of auction depends on the types of goods and attracting more bidders.