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The Art Of Conducting Charity Auctions


If you want to raise funds for a cause, then a fundraising auction could be a right choice. Fundraising auctions could be conducted in different forms and can be easily clubbed with other forms of fundraising events. Fundraising can be categorized into two types – online and offline. First, you need to find out the things that you want to auction. Traditionally, supporters for the cause offer things. In many cases, the business owners offer products as a part of marketing strategy.

The only way to acquires goods for auctioning is asking the supporters and well wishers. You should ask as many people, whom you know. You can also approach companies to receive the goods. These days, many people are willing to offers goods for fundraising auctions for different reasons. In addition to goods, you can also auction skills, experiences and services.

In traditional auctions, the price of the goods starts at very low price and may get increased when the bidders quote a higher price. The person, who bids the highest price wins the auction and receive the good. For conducting a successful traditional auction, a good auctioneer is very essential. Charismatic auctioneers could keep the fundraising auction more engaging.

You can also conduct an auction at the event for extra fun and excitement. For example, you can auction a cake that was prepared for a baking competition. Dutch action is a kind of traditional auction. In this type of auction, the price of goods start at a high price and lowers gradually through the course of the auction. The person, who made the first bids win this auction.

A silent auction is a type of auction, where the bidders make their bid silently. Here the bidders mention the price in the sealed covers and there is no shouting involved. Auction of promises is a type of auction, where the people can win promise. For example, some of the promises that bidders can receive are car washing, guitar lessons, computer help, gardening, etc. The list is almost endless as people could win different types of promises.

Online charity auctions have become more popular these days due to the convenience it offers. The online fundraising auctions are highly effective in many senses. First, an online auction could be attended by people from different locations. The bidders can take part in the online auction right from their home or at their office.

Conducting an online auction is less expensive and can break the geographical barriers. The online auction can easily attract more bidders. In order to conduct an online auction, you should own a website. You can also make use of online charity auction companies to auction your products. These companies list your products on their website and help you auctioned them quickly as possible. You will be paying small commissions to the companies upon every successful auction.

Nowadays, the Internet offers lots of avenues for charity auctions. There are websites to list various charity auctions. Auctions are great to raise fund for any cause. However, conducting an auction is not so easy. The success of auction depends on the types of goods and attracting more bidders.