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Happy Hour Topics Successful People Talk About

Many employees are spending time with the people they work with outside office too in many bars in the city during happy hours or on a weekend outing in a game of football or basketball. www.Business.com survey states that most people end up speaking about the office as this is the usual topic they have. While happy-hour with successful people, with your boss or with your co-worker, the best conversations are the latest trends or news where the topics are generic and make for great discussions.
There are many questionnaires and surveys which tells us what successful people talk during happy hours, listed below are a few of them.

Talk less about work: The most common topic during happy hours when you are out of with co-workers is work and specifically about your boss. Though you do not want to talk about it, you most probably end up talking about it because it is the standard thread for you. If not your boss, you end up talking about other co-workers, gossip about the link-ups and affairs, etc. Some CEOs have also confessed about speaking about the best employees, so it’s not just you, but even successful people struggle to talk about anything but an office.

Talk about fun stuff: Most CEOs try not to talk about their profession at all during happy hours. They confessed to talking about the latest trends be it news, fashion, sports, etc. The talk can be a bit awkward when you talk about such topics with your senior managers or coworkers, but after a few hesitant minutes, it is good to talk about anything other than work. The main reason people go to happy hours is to de-stress and get to know each other better but there is a line of respect which you should not cross, but the topics need not be serious to have fun.

Talk about personal spare time activity: It is good to share about extra time activity with co-workers or your boss. It shows a side of you that is unknown in the professional space. You can talk about the sport you pursue or the hobby you like. Animal lover’s talk about their love for pets and entertaining stories around them. Some people love traveling, and they can talk about their travelogue. There are many things outside of work that can be discussed and shared about and all of this can turn out to be an exciting conversation. All this will help you and your colleagues connect at a personal level and make a friend or a business partner for life.

Know about topics to avoid: There are specific topics which you should entirely avoid talking about during happy hours. Successful people know what topics to avoid as they can get controversial and land them into trouble. As per surveys, they avoid talking about religion as it is sensitive and personal. Politics is also something many people are passionate about and can get troublesome especially during happy hours, as the whole idea behind happy hours is to have fun and not have serious debates. It is better to find a common topic than fighting over religion and politics.